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SkyPhoto-QC Point cloud flight quality inspection system

Outsourcing software
2017/11/13 16:23
SystemIntroduction SkyPhoto-QCisanindispensablesoftwaredevelopedbyWuhanPointCloudTechnologyCo.,Ltd.andusedbydroneflightsurveyors.Thesoftwarequicklymonitorstheimageforthefirsttimesincetheendoftheflight

System Introduction

  SkyPhoto-QC is an indispensable software developed by Wuhan Point Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. and used by drone flight surveyors. The software quickly monitors the image for the first time since the end of the flight to meet the requirements of the home data. Since then, bid farewell to the data failed to re-aerial survey worries.


System Features

Ø One-click quality inspection, easy to operate, easy to grasp
Ø support various types of camera shooting images;
Ø GPU / CUDA parallel processing, can handle 1500 images per hour
Ø All-round multi-angle check flight quality
Ø Quality reports easy to understand illustrations and illustrations

Software processing flow

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