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Skyphoto-Super Point cloud UAV data processing system

Key words�
system introduction 
  Skyphoto-super is the point of cloud technology independent research and development, the most complete function at home and abroad, the highest integration of aerial survey software system
system Features
  From the raw data to all kinds of products (DSM, DEM, DOM, point cloud, 3D model, etc.), a software contains all the production process.
  Operation speed
  Using GPU parallel computing and distribution operations, dozens of computers at the same time computing, processing speed leading industry software.
  Intelligent empty three
  Using the most advanced algorithms in the industry, all kinds of difficult data (flight zone irregular, large spin angle, low overlap, rare texture) can be easily completed.
  Camera calibration / self calibration school
  Equipped with indoor camera calibration module, the software automatically solve the distortion parameters, while the camera has a key self-calibration function.
  1: 500 map
  Support high-precision differential POS free image control or rare under the control conditions to meet the 1: 500 topographic map measurement accuracy requirements
  Automatically generate real shot images like TDOM and digital surface model DSM, completely shield the building side information, perfect docking Skyphoto-Map3D, in the three-dimensional image drawing DLG
Work flow
Over market
  From  china,for the word!   
  Skyphoto series of software as China's independent research and development of aerial software, has gone out of the country, to the world, in Mongolia, in Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Tanzania and other countries have many different sectors of the user in use.
Soteware features
  Intelligent empty three    
  · One-touch operation without any editing
  · Distributed operations, dozens of computer parallel computing, easy to solve large data
  · Water, forest and other weak texture area can generate point cloud
    Really shoot like
  · Traditional DOM production, need to spend a lot of labor to ensure that the housing road neat and beautiful, the software automatically produced TDOM can shield the side of the building information, and the road is good, the house is not deformed
  · Simultaneous output of high-precision DSM, and TDOM superimposed to generate three-dimensional model
  Matching lines automatically around the house
  · Splicing automatically bypasses the house, which can change multiple images at the same time, reducing 90% of the workload
  · Stitching results in real time to save, you can always open the software to continue editing
  DOM arbitrarily cut the scale
Outside software
  Fast spell module
  Meet the emergency response, traffic accident investigation, illegal construction inspection, environmental and disaster monitoring, fire monitoring, disaster area assessment and so on non-professional surveying and mapping needs, 200% per hour Zhang quick splicing to generate orthophoto panorama.
  Flight quality inspection module
  In the first time after the flight to determine whether the image to meet the DOM, DLG production requirements, the scene to determine whether the need to fly back.